Internet Resources

Medievalists and the Academic Networks on the Internet

A Word about Academic Networks
How to Join an Academic Network
A List of Academic Networks for Medievalists
Commands for Listservers

Medieval Metapages (Web Portals for Medieval Studies)

Stanford University Library's Medieval Pages

Medieval Resources

The Medieval Review (On-Line Book Reviews with Archive) (News, articles, videos and resources about the Middle Ages)
Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts (Manuscripts available on the Web) CMRS-UCLA
Medieval Sourcebook (On-line Historical Documents)
On-Line Reference Book for Medieval Studies (Teaching Materials, Essays, Links)
Medieval Drama Links (Sydney Higgins) also music, dance, costume, etc.
Medieval Music (Ancient FM - Commercial-free Medieval & Renaissance Internet radio station)
Medieval Art (NIXNET Medieval)
Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index
Medieval Technology Pages (Paul Gans)
Mediaeval Logic and Philosophy Home Page (Paul Vincent Spade)
Medieval Military (De Re Militari)
Medieval Language Resources (Edwin Duncan)
Paleography, Codicology, Manuscripts, etc. (Tennessee Bob Peckham)
Medieval Bibliographies - WEMSK (Jim Marchand, Stephen Carey)

Medieval Organizations

The Medieval Institute (at Western Michigan University)
The International Medieval Institute (at Leeds University)
The Medieval Academy of America
Medieval Association of the Pacific (MAP)
Mid-America Medieval Association (MAMA)
Southeastern Medieval Association (SEMA)
American Academy of Research Historians of Medieval Spain (AARHMS)


The Library of Congress On-Line Catalog
This Week's Job Openings in the Humanities (from The Chronicle of Higher Education)